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Great Lake Shipwreck Maps Available


Shipwreck Maps

Of the Great Lakes


A double ink printing technique is used to create the dark navy blue on cream paper. The result is a stunning, rich effect. For anyone interested in shipwrecks, these maps offer the very best information regarding when, where and what. “Portholes of History” give you insight, facts and figures. 24" x 30", shipped rolled in a tube.

Lake Superior Lake Superior Ship Wreck Map

$19.99 USD

Lake HuronShip Wreck Maps Lake Huron

Lake Michigan Ship Wreck Map Lake Michigan



Lake ErieShip Wreck Map Lake Erie

Lake OntarioShip Wreck Map Lake Ontario





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Shipwrecked Lake Superior

 Shipwrecked by Ron Wrigley

Shipwrecked by Ron WrigleyBorn in Fort William in 1951, Mr. Wrigley Graduated from Lakehead University with a degree in Geology. His interest in shipping history led to research into shipwrecks in a part of Lake Superior from which there was little information. From this research came many magazine articles as well as this, previously unpublished, manuscript detailing most of the unknown shipwrecks of Northern Lake Superior. He lives today in Thunder Bay, Ontario.

"I have written this book to fill what is an obvious gap in the history of shipwrecks in Lake Superior. Many books have described in great detail the wrecks that have occurred in other parts of the lake, but none have written of the sorrow, hardships and heroism of those in northern Lake Superior."

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