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DQ Speedway first official race at the track September 17/18/19 2021.
David Thompson
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DQ Speedway first official race at the track September 17/18/19 2021.

8th Thunder Bay Dirt Track Nationals

THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO  ~~~~~~   September 15, 2021 (LSNews)  DQ Speedway is about to make history with the first official race at the track September 17/18/19 2021. Thunder Bay Dirt Track Nationals will be held on this weekend! I am the youngest daughter of the late Richard Schutte Co-founder of DQ Speedway and I can feel the excitement for the first race building!!! We invite everyone to come and experience this amazing venue and cheer on your favourite drivers! 

 With the completion of the new Dairy Queen International Speedway on West Arthur St, the fall championships have found their new home. For the first event Sept 17-19, classes will include Modifieds, Midwest Modifieds Super Stocks, Street Stocks and Hornets. Since that first fall championships in 1957, racers from far and wide have ventured here to compete. Hall of Famers in the Late Model and Sprint classes have been part of the field. Jerry Richert, Don Mack, Buzz Barton, Ed Sanger, Curt Hanson, and our own Tom Nesbitt amongst them. © JMC 2021

   1 WEEK until the Thunder Bay Truck Centre Dirt Track Nationals PRACTICE night @ DQ SPEEDWAY!!🏁🏁Reminders:On Wednesday, A...

For more on the history of the The Fall Invitationals by Jeff Caldwell

Through my entire childhood I was filled with that same excitement at the track on race nights . The double deuce ,#22 as well as well as #1, #69 and #133 were some of Dads race cars during his racing career. My summers held the best memories of him at the track with my family cheering him on. 

September 17th weekend we make history. We open new horizons for amazing things to come for our city and the race community.  Every day in our lives we build history. Build your lives to better the lives of generations to come by keeping this track alive. We need to honour my Dad for his accomplishments. This September weekend we do that. I need you to see your days as pages in a book and write the best race stories ever on those pages. What you do today is what can shape our days into something amazing!                      

Ten years ago, my father started a ripple when he threw the first stone into the pond of his dreams. That ripple will echo for many generations to come. He was so passionate about building future memories for the drivers and fans of Thunder Bay. My father saw many great things in the DQ speedway land. He saw past the swamp that was held within its borders. Dad was 70 years old when he purchased the land, reached out for his dream and spent the next 10 years creating it. He, at a time most people have long retired pushed for his legacy to come true. He could have not done this alone. He needed some great people to help with that legacy. I want to give thanks to the many that have brought this all together, I do not want to diminish their efforts, as it takes many to build something amazing.This is a moment of people and community and the many hours of planning and building spent to build this dream track. We must learn from this to build our own dreams and never give up. My father has taught me that you are never too old, never too late and never too weak to make your dreams happen. He pushed for his dream until the end. We all should be so proud to be able to share his dream and create our own. If you need , knowledge, encouragement or help with your dreams, reach out. 

The Judge, Richard Schutte #69 Riverview, 1970ish. My absolute favorite of all Dads race cars!!!

My Dad would have been so proud to see this happen, see his vision realized. He struggled until his last days to be here to live this moment with us but could no longer fight to stay. I know he is here with us seeing it all happen. He sees the excitement in each and every one of you and he sees his legacy fulfilled. I know he is so very proud.

 I will always picture my father flying around his dream track in one of his many race cars making me proud that he was my Dad. Dad, I honour you and thank you for dreaming big and making it happen for all of us! 

Racers! ,,,,,,,,Start,,,,,,your,,,,,,,, Engines!!!! 

Lets Race Thunder Bay and see you at the track!

Lynn Schutte-Martin

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Racing has began
Racing has began

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