Thunder Bay, On ----  April 6, 2013   ----   Summer is a busy time of year with fishing trips, barbecues and family vacations. Terrace Bay LighthouseIn between all the regular activities, take some time to visit your community neighbours along the top of Lake Superior. Community volunteers work hard planning a variety of special events throughout the spring and summer. Whether it is watching birds at the Dorion Bird Festival, dancing at one of the many powwows or the festivities of another special event, there is bound to be fun for all ages. Community websites are a great place to start planning your visit.

"COOL" and "VIRTUAL" are the best words to describe two new attractions coming this summer to the coastline of the Lake Superior National Marine Conservation Area. Take a drive on scenic Highway 17 and experience the magnificent views of Lake Superior, as well as many community events.

This summer there are two exciting new attractions you will not want to miss. The new Red Rock marina facility is preparing to open with a world class ice age exhibit. This will be an incredible experience for the whole family right here in Northwestern Ontario. You will definitely want to check out the woolly mammoth.

A unique, fun and interactive exhibit is also coming to Terrace Bay’s landmark lighthouse located along Simcoe Plaza and Highway 17. Visitors get an opportunity to enjoy a virtual experience, as if you were in the actual lighthouse located on the Slate Islands.

It is exciting to see communities along Lake Superior National Marine Conservation Area prepare to diversify their local economies with attractions to retain visitors, increase community appeal to future residents, and attract new business ventures.


Red Rock Marina Facility Concept Design


Red Rock Marina Facility Concept Design
© Form Architecture Engineering

Please have a safe enjoyable summer and when you see the Lake Superior NMCA staff at the various community events say “hello.” We are glad to be part of our region’s new growth.

By Sylvio “Hoss” Pelletier
Parks Canada

Terrace Bay Lighthouse lookout tower
© Rick Main

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Great Lakes Water Levels 

Great Lakes water levels constitute one of the longest high quality hydro meteorological data sets in North America with reference gage records beginning about 1860 with sporadic records back to the early 1800's.  These levels are collected and archived by NOAA's National Ocean Service.

Water Level Plots

Daily levels compared with last year's levels

Michigan, Huron, St. Clair, and Erie

Daily levels compared with monthly Min, Max, and Mean levels

St. Clair



A hydrograph provides a way of seeing seasonal and yearly changes in the flow or discharge of a waterway. The hydrographs for the Great Lakes period of record (starting in 1860 or 1900) illustrate different water regimes over time.

The data files below contain the annual average water level for every year as well at the long-term mean level in meters, IGLD85.


St. Clair

Data Files (.csv)

St. Clair

What is a seiche? (pronounced "saysh")

Like water sloshing in a bathtub, seiches are tide-like rises and drops in Great Lakes coastal water levels caused by prolonged strong winds that push water toward one side of the lake, causing the water level to rise on the   downwind side of the lake and to drop on the upwind side. When the wind stops, the water sloshes back and forth, with the nearshore water level rising and falling in decreasingly small amounts

on both sides of the lake until it reaches equilibrium.







For Water Temperatures of the Great Lakes


Click for Kenora, Ontario Forecast
Kenora On
Click for Grand Marais, Minnesota Forecast
Grand Marais Min
Click for Ottawa, Ontario Forecast
Ottawa Canada
Click for Thunder Bay, Ontario Forecast
Thunder Bay On
Click for Duluth, Minnesota Forecast
Duluth, Min
Click for Washington, District of Columbia Forecast
Washington USA
Click for Wawa, Ontario Forecast
Wawa Ontario
Click for Marquette, Michigan Forecast
Marquette Mich
Click for Miami, Florida Forecast
Miami, Florida
Click for Sault Ste Marie, Ontario Forecast
Sault Ste Marie
Click for Sault Sainte Marie, Michigan Forecast
Sault Sainte Marie, Michigan
Click for San Francisco, California Forecast
San Francisco, California





The Lake Superior Circle Tour in northern Wisconsin (highway 13), loops around Lake Superior state highways in the US states of Michigan, Minnesota (highway 61) and Wisconsin and provincial highways in the Canadian province of Ontario (highway 17). These highways are usually the closest to the lake.