CLLS Fund Raising Dinner

Lee Radzak is a modern day lighthouse keeper as he is the Historic Site Manager for Split Rock Lighthouse and he will be the guest speaker for an upcoming dinner and dance hosted by the Thunder Bay, Canadian Lighthouses of Lake Superior group (CLLS).

Lighthouses embody the history and spirit of our region.  Now you can be part of preserving these guardians of our marine culture and maintaining them for future generations by attending the upcoming fundraising dinner.

The organizations mandate as an umbrella organization is to restore, preserve, maintain, and promote lighthouses that dot the northern shores of Lake Superior. Incorporated under the Ontario Historical Society CLLS’s duty is to provide public access to these unique heritage locations.

Lee Radzak, long-time manager of  Split Rock Lighthouse, will speak on his passion for lighthouses and share with us the many facts he has gathered over the years. One fact that stands out about Split Rock is that it is the one lighthouse in the United States that is still equipped with its original Fresnel lens as well as the clockwork mechanism and the mercury bearing to run it.  Another fact that people are always interested in is that Lee has lived at Split Rock, with his family, in one of the keeper's dwellings, for the last 33 years.

The evening gets underway with a symposium at 6:00 pm.  Tickets are $50.00 and available at the Prince Arthur Hotel and online.  All the proceeds go towards restoring our local lighthouse landmarks.

Canadian Lighthouses of Lake Superior is hosting a fundraising dinner and dance on May 6th at the Prince Arthur Hotel. There will be great food, a draw and door prizes.


CLLS Dinner

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Poached White Fish fillet filled with a scallop and
 Shrimp mousse, white wine cream and roasted red pepper coulis
 Fresh artisan greens with smoked peppered salmon,
 And a raspberry vinaigrette
 Pineapple and red pepper sorbet
 Callop of beef tender loin, fois gras
 A mushroom duxelle
 Vanilla caramel ice-cream with pralines
 Toasted walnut tower with caramel whipped cream

Coffee and tea service

Thanks to the Prince Arthur Hotel for allowing the group to display some artifacts and models.

Shipwrecked by Ron Wrigley
Paintings by Ray Swaluk 

Published on Aug 30, 2015 Over the past three years a group of dedicated volunteers have worked hard to restore a lighthouse on Lake Superior. This is the beginning of a string of lighthouses that the group is ready to re-claim for the benefit of the general public and tourists to our region.




The Lake Superior Circle Tour in northern Wisconsin (highway 13), loops around Lake Superior state highways in the US states of Michigan, Minnesota (highway 61) and Wisconsin and provincial highways in the Canadian province of Ontario (highway 17). These highways are usually the closest to the lake.