Hike with confidence. Hike with Lake Superior The Bear Stick.

Lake Superior Hiking Stick

Lake Superior Bear StickHike with confidence. Hike with Lake Superior Hiking Stick
The Bear Stick is a 48″-50″ hiking stick which very quickly becomes a defensive weapon in the case of an attack by a bear, cougar, dog, etc. Embedded in the shaft is a 6″-8″ ardox spike that can be used to defend against an animal attack.

Many individuals are apprehensive about hiking (especially in ‘bear country’) for fear of being confronted by these large, sometimes aggressive animals. What do you do in this situation? Bear spray (pepper spray) may help but what do you do if this doesn’t work? One answer is to defend yourself by using

 The Bear Stick. It may be all that stands between you and an aggressive animal.

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A Thunder Bay man has combined his interest in martial arts and hiking to create what he thinks is an effective bear deterrent.

Jim MorrisJim Morris is marketing what he calls The Bear Stick, which was developed from an idea he had while hiking. He said it's similar to a Jo, a weapon used in the martial art Aikido.

"About 12 years ago my wife and I started hiking and we both used a Jo as a walking stick," he said.

Classic Lake Superior Hiking Bear Stick Morris said the Bear Stick should be useful for anyone who spends a lot of time walking in bear country.

The sticks are stained black, brown, or left their natural colour and preserved with teak oil.

Morris shies away from claiming the stick will save lives during a bear attack, "but I'd like to think — especially if there were more than one of you with a Bear

Classic Lake Superior Hiking Bear Stick


Obviously we can not guarantee The Bear Stick will protect you against Bears, Cougars and other aggressive animals. But, it is a far cry better than a traditional hiking stick where prodding, clubbing and beating is the only defence between you and an aggressive animal. (Or, attempting to fight a bear hand-to-hand!)


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The Lake Superior Circle Tour in northern Wisconsin (highway 13), loops around Lake Superior state highways in the US states of Michigan, Minnesota (highway 61) and Wisconsin and provincial highways in the Canadian province of Ontario (highway 17). These highways are usually the closest to the lake.