Featured in this Video are:

  • Peter Humunik’s Power of Lake Superior watercolour paintings
  • Evelyn Konrad’s stunning watercolours
  • Patricia Bigelow’s paintings in various mediums
  • Ray Swaluk  old rusty trunk hood
  • Francis Esquega was born in Macdiarmid
  • John Paul Lavand's heritage is Ojibwe

Lake Superior Art Gallery

Welcome to Travel Lake Superior.

My name is JP Fraser.

Today we are visiting Lake Superior Art Gallery and Framing Centre in Thunder Bay. The Lake Superior Art Gallery has a large selection of artwork from artists across the Lake Superior Region.

If you are a photographer they would be pleased to print your photographs onto Canvas. The canvas brings and exciting new three dimensional look and feel to your photos.

They have a large variety of water colour paintings from some of Thunder Bay’s best Watercolour Artists.

Peter Humunik’s watercolour paintings represent the beauty and power of Lake Superior
Evelyn Konrad’s stunning watercolours reflect the serenity of the outdoors in the north of Superior region.  Her rich colours draw you into her paintings. 

Patricia Bigelow’s paintings in various mediums, provide an abstract translation of the beauty of our northern landscapes. 

Thunder Bay Artist, Ray Swaluk found an old rusty trunk hood on a bush road in the Boreal Forest, west of Thunder Bay. He figures the hood likely came from an old Ford Fairlane or Ford Galaxy from the 1950’s or 60’s. Inspired by the natural beauty of the location where it was found, on Swallow Lake, Ray came back with his paint supplies one sunny day and began to paint, using the hood as his canvas. As he painted, the day clouded over and it began to rain, causing the acrylic paints to run and creating an enchanting illusion of a summer rainfall. When the painting had dried, Ray added some realistic details and a coat of varnish to for protection. (Trunk image)
 Ray is well known for his paintings of the Sleeping Giant, a well-known land formation near Thunder Bay. 

The Lake Superior region is also the home of the Ojibwe and the Chippewa people.
The gallery displays a large selection of traditional woodland and native art.

Francis Esquega was born in 1955, in Macdiarmid, located on the Eastern shores of Lake Nipigon, a large body of water north West of Lake Superior. He is a member of the Rocky Bay First Nation.

His watercolour and acrylic paintings show his own unique interpretation as well as the traditional Woodland style of his heritage.  Some of his paintings have been done on Boreal Forest Birch Bark and Deer hide with great success. 

John Paul Lavand's heritage is Ojibwe. Born in 1962, he was raised on Rat Portage Reserve near Kenora, in Northwestern Ontario.

His work has evolved from doing portraits to detailed pen and ink drawings of wild life. You will also enjoy the beautiful simplicity of his traditional native works in acrylic.

Thank you very much for joining us today at Lake Superior Art Gallery. 
My name is JP Fraser of Travel Lake Superior

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Thunder Bay, Ontario Canada
605 East Victoria Ave.
Victoriaville Centre
 Thunder Bay, Ontario P7C 1B1
 Also entrance off of Lane
 Between Court House and Chapples
 Justice Avenue

Email Addresses
General: info@lakesuperiorartgallery.com

Phone Number
To reach Lake Superior Art Gallery by telephone during office hours (Monday-Friday10:30 am-5:00pm EST) please call (807) 622-7573.