Dinning @ Lakeshore Bistro

  • 10oz AAA strip with charred red peppers, grilled asparagus, baby arugula salad and a house made green peppercorn demi glace.
  • Bacon Cheeseburger (real cheddar) with Poutine

  • Shrimp Taco c/w House Made Lemon Pepper Dressing

  • The Lakeshore Burger 

    Fried Onions, Bacon, Pickles, Baby Arugula, Tomato and Provolone with house made Chipotle Mayo. Shown with Sweet Potato Fries.

    The Lakeshore Burger

  • Variety Of Pizza Eat In Take Out


  • Chicken Pesto Penne
    Grilled chicken sautéed with garlic, red onions, mushrooms and bacon. Tossed in our nut free House Pesto Cream Sauce, finished with Asiago and served with garlic bread.
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Crystal Beach Lakeshore Bistro

Crystal Beach Restaurant
Daily 8 am - 8 pm

Crystal Beach Restaurant, located on Lakeshore Drive at Crystal Beach just east of Thunder Bay,Ontario

Crystal Beach Restaurant

 Lakeshore Drive  807-983-3772

2005 Lakeshore Drive

Shuniah, Ontario

P7A 0L4


The classic pizza
Medium - $14 Large - $18
Everything but pineapple
Medium - $18  Large - $23 
Ham, bacon, ground beef, Italian
  sausage, pepperoni, and cheese 
Med $17 Lg $22
Peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes,
onions, black olives and cheese

Med $17 Lg $22
Pepperoni, bacon, ham,
Mushrooms, and cheese
Med $16 Lg $21
Ham, pineapple and cheese
Medium $16 Large $21

Medium $11 Large $15



Pepperoni | ham | ground beef 
Bacon | Italian sausage | peppers
Onions | mushrooms | tomatoes
 Black olives | green olives | banana 
 Peppers | pickled jalapeno peppers    

*Extra Toppings Medium - $2 Large - $3


Your choice of sauce - 1 pound- $12/ 2 pounds-$21

Dry - Plain, Salt & Pepper, Cajun, Roasted Red Pepper

Wet - BBQ, Honey Garlic, Hot, Electric Honey
 (Lemon Pepper and

Honey Garlic) or Hot and Honey 
(Frank’s Red Hot and Honey Garlic).



Licenced by the LLBO


Crystal Beach Restaurant Shuniah 


We are licensed by the LLBO.

Our  selection of fine wines, spirits and beer are now available for your enjoyment.

Please talk to us about what you like as we are just starting to develop our selection of alcoholic 



Takeout ~ Eat In


 Crystal Beach Restaurant


   Chicken Cordon Blue

Mike is serving some awesome dinner specials. Last night Georgia and I had the Chicken Cordon Blue, I had mine with the poutine.
 Lasagne Crystal Beach  

Takeout Lasagna

We had an awesome piece of takeout Lasagna with homemade dinner rolls from Crystal Beach Restaurant last night.








Our phone Numbers

Crystal Beach Restaurant Bistro   

Variety Store and LCBO outlet 

Crystal Beach Variety and LCBO Agency Store


If you have a community event you wish to have added
to this page please contact John at the Store




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 Shuniah Business District

Crystal Beach Restaurant
Shuniah Ontario , ON P7A 0L4, Canada ‎ 
Lakeshore Drive just off Highway 11 - 17 
1 807- 3004



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The Lake Superior Circle Tour in northern Wisconsin (highway 13), loops around Lake Superior state highways in the US states of Michigan, Minnesota (highway 61) and Wisconsin and provincial highways in the Canadian province of Ontario (highway 17). These highways are usually the closest to the lake.