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Just in time for your Special Event
Fire Works Cyrstal Beach Variety

We also have a huge selection of Fireworks 
Every day from 8 am -8pm

Crystal Beach Restaurant

Crystal Beach Variety
Variety Store


Time to Prepare for Canada Day:
John can help you select the Perfect Fireworks Display

Crystal Beach Fireworks

Crystal Beach Variety

Crystal Beach Variety

 Crystal Beach Variety

Shuniah, ON   P7A 0L4  Canada ‎ 
Just off Highway 11 - 17 
on Lakeshore Drive
1 807-983-2752


Crystal Beach Variety

Open 8 am to 8 pm, daily

 Two Stops in One! Located just off Highway 11 - 17 East of Thunder Bay, Ontario, on Lakeshore Drive.
Just take the McKenzie Station turn off to Lakeshore Drive when heading East or the Birch Beach turn off when heading West.
Drive just 15 minutes East of Terry Fox Lookout.

  • Crystal Beach Variety also has Gas, Diesel and Propane tank exchange for 20, 30 and 100 pound cylinders.

  • We have a lotto terminal, Movie Rentals
      Large bags of Bird Seed,
  • Bags of Wood Pellets and Fireworks.


LCBO Agency Store

• Wine • Spirits • Beer

 Crystal Beach Variety ~ Liquore Store

Saturday June 29th


Molson Swag

The Molson Crew is going to make their first  visit of the season this Saturday June 29th at noon  to 3pm. A chance to get some cool free swag.
We are open 8 am to 8 pm Seven days a week


LCBO Agency Store



LCBO Agency Store Crystal Beach
We are an LCBO AGENCY Store, that carries a large selection of Spirits, Wines and Coolers.

We also have a large selection of beer in our beer cooler.

If we do not have your favourite beverage, please talk to John as he would be happy to bring it in.

Because of the limited space we try very hard to stock the items our customers want to purchase.

Please return to this page often to check out the LCBO Tweeter feed for great beverage ideas.


Crystal Beach Laundromat

Crystal Beach Laundry  Shuniah

U Haul


Uhall Crystal Beach
We are an Authorized Dealer for UHaul. You can book your truck or trailer either online or here at Crystal Beach Variety.

It will be ready for you to pick up at the time you arranged.  You can either return it to Crystal Beach Variety or to any other Uhaul location.


Just in time 
For the May Long Weekend

Fire Works Cyrstal Beach Variety

Open 7 days a week

8 am to 8 pm.


Crystal Beach Restaurant

Crystal Beach Variety
Variety Store




Purolator Crystal Beach
We are now a Purolator Agent. You can bring in your items for shipping.
If you are not home when the Purolator driver comes, he will leave a card on your door and drop the pack off at Crystal Beach Variety for you to pick up, saving you a trip to town.


Pepperoni and Cheese

Med $14.25 Lg $18.25
Cheese, ham, pineapple
Med $15.75 Lg $20.75 
Cheese, ham, bacon, ground beef,
Italian sausage, pepperoni
Med $16.75 Lg $21.75
Cheese, Peppers, mushrooms,
tomatoes, onions, olives

Med $16.75 Lg $21.75
Everything but pineapple
Med $17.75 Lg $22.75
Medium $2.00 Large $3.00 
Pepperoni, ham, ground beef, bacon, Italian sausage, peppers, onions,
mushrooms, tomatoes, black olives, pineapple

All prices are subject to taxes. 
You can call us at 807-983-3004

FireWorks Available

Crystal Beach Variety Fire Works

Great selection of Fire Works, we have your favourites plus some great new ones for your to try.

                                          Crystal Beach Fireworks





Fireworks Displays

The pattern that an aerial shell paints in the sky depends on the arrangement of star pellets inside the shell. For example, if the pellets are equally spaced in a circle, with black powder inside the circle, you will see an aerial display of smaller star explosions equally spaced in a circle. To create a specific figure in the sky, you create an outline of the figure in star pellets, surround them as a group with a layer of break charge to separate them simultaneously from the rest of the contents of the shell, and place explosive charges inside those pellets to blow them outward into a large figure. Each charge has to be ignited at exactly the right time or the whole thing is spoiled.

To see how some common multibreak shells look in the sky, try the quick and easy "HowStuffWorks Field Guide to Aerial Fireworks." It's interactive, so you can click on a name and see the fireworks display that goes with it. The next time you witness a big fireworks show, you will know the names for each type of shell you see.

You can see how some of the more common multibreak shells look in the sky by clicking on the buttons in the illustration above. You can read descriptions of these shells below:
•Palm: Contains large comets, or charges in the shape of a solid cylinder, that travel outward, explode and then curve downward like the limbs of a palm tree
•Round shell: Explodes in a spherical shape, usually of colored stars
•Ring shell: Explodes to produce a symmetrical ring of stars
•Willow: Contains stars (high charcoal composition makes them long-burning) that fall in the shape of willow branches and may even stay visible until they hit the ground
•Roundel: Bursts into a circle of maroon shells that explode in sequence
•Chrysanthemum: Bursts into a spherical pattern of stars that leave a visible trail, with an effect somewhat suggestive of the flower
•Pistil: Like a chrysanthemum shell, but has a core that is a different color from the outer stars
•Maroon shell: Makes a loud bang
•Serpentine: Bursts to send small tubes of incendiaries skittering outward in random paths, which may culminate in exploding stars

We have a large selections of Fireworks in stock!



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