Visit Fort William ~ The heart of Thunder Bay

Visit Fort William is a group of unique businesses and boutique shops that can offer you an unique experience. In the City of Thunder Bay. 

Visit Fort William

Shops and businesses that are part of the Visit Fort William are:

Lake Supeiror Art Gallery, Giorg Ristorante,  Silhouette Boutique,  TbayLaw, Nutrition Corner, and the Fort William Business Centre.

There is an enclosed pedestrian promenade, known as the Victoriaville Centre, that serves as the central meeting place for employees of the various surrounding public and private institutions, including the City of Thunder Bay, Chartered Banks and tenants occupying the Chapples Building.

The Visit Fort William in the heart of the former City of Fort William, is located along Victoria Avenue, from Brodie Street west to Archibald Street and on Syndicate Ave from the New Federal Provincial Court House in the North to Donald Street in the south.

This area provides offices for Engineers, Doctors, Lawyers, Planners, Health Care Facilities, and other professionals. The City of Thunder Bay has a number of City departments located in the Centre, including Engineering, Planning and Community Services Division.